Welcome to the Tour Dental! We are a team that helps patients around the world to find the right treatment at the affordable prices.

Our friendly staff will provide you the freedom to consult with a wide range of specialist surgeons, nursing assistants, dental hygienists, anesthetists, and jaw-facial surgeons. Get a consultation, choose among qualified professional clinics and learn everything about specific dental procedures and treatments.

Dental specialists In Serbia work hard practicing the latest techniques in aesthetic dentistry and dental implantology. They are continually investing in relaxing environments, skilled, educated, and the best-trained dentists, and the newest equipment. Besides the perfect treatment you will get from our best clinics, our agency will make sure that you have a fantastic holiday and enjoy every second in our beautiful country!

Our staff is welcoming and friendly, and they will try to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Many patients come to Serbia because of the notable difference in prices practiced by agencies in our country and Western Europe. An extended guarantee for our work obliges us to offer our clients a wide range of payment options and the best value of dentistry therapy and diagnostics.

Turning something unpleasant into a satisfying experience, an adventurous holiday in our fantastic country, elimination of aesthetic or health-related problems with your teeth is our intention. From the moment you arrive in Serbia, we are here to help you with anything you will need, until the moment you leave. Due to the nature of specific treatments, if it is necessary for you to stay for some extended period, we will organize excursions which are more than impressive.

You will be able to get to know all the diversity of a multinational environment, our hospitality, our cuisine and to experience a different culture. We offer you the opportunity to look at the most exciting and attractive things in our beautiful country. Come to Serbia and return from your holiday with the healthy and beautiful smile.

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