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In this article, we will tell you more about this fantastic city, its location and why should be on your map for the next Dental Tour Trip.

Novi Sad is the 2nd largest city in Serbia and a touristic, scientific, cultural, economic and administrative center of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. One of the first impressions you will get is that it is the town of well-tended beauty.

Its spirit and architecture have been shaped by many different nations who lived and still living in this area. We can definitely say that this city is the Serbian pearl amongst many others. Did you know that it is also called the Serbian Athens? And it isn’t nicknamed for nothing. Its history as a creative, vibrant place continues nowadays in a vibe that is more liberal than other cities in Serbia, alternative music scene and established galleries.

But, besides its incredible beauty, friendly people, amazing food and music, this place is also located on the intersection of major international routes. That is excellent news for all the travelers who want to explore Novi Sad and many of Europe’s major cities.

It is not yet officially part of the EU, but in 2021 it will get a title of European Capital of Culture, and become the first non-EU city that gets to have it.

It is a cheaper town with none of the stress of the big smoke and all the spoils. Laneway bars pack out nightly, and locals enjoy in outdoor cafes and charming parks. One of the most beautiful sightseeing in this city is Petrovaradin fortress with its citadel that always keeps an eye on the proceedings. But every July it loosens its tie so it could host Exit music festivals, which is the largest one in Serbia.

Geography Position

Novi Sad lies on essential transit routes that give significant comparative assets. It is connected to the region with waterways, railway, and road routes. Thanks to this great location which is in the center of a highway that connects Northern and Central Europe to the Adriatic Sea’s ports, Eastern and Northern east Europe to the Far and the Middle East, this town has an incredible position.

It also provides excellent connections in transport with nearby towns. It is based  about 300 km from Budapest, one hundred kilometers from the border with Hungary, 80 kilometers from the Belgrade, 425 kilometers from Ljubljana, 480 km from Sofia, 549 km from Podgorica, 100 kilometers from the Romanian border, 309 km from Zagreb, and about 150 km from Timisoara (Romania).

The closest airport is in Belgrade – Nikola Tesla International Airport. The best way to get to Northern or Eastern Europe by plane is from Ferihegy International Airport in Budapest which is located 247 km from Novi Sad. Another one is 126 km away from Novi Sad that is called Traian Vuia International Airport which is based in Timisoara.

How to Get to Novi Sad?

As we already said, Novi Sad leads to the four directions of Europe as it is in the vicinity of the most important routes. Those routes are E-70 from the west and E-75 from middle and north Europe which lead to the southeast and south of the continent.

We mentioned that the Nikola Tesla International Airport is the closest one to this city. You can take a van from there to the town.

Also, the bus station is intercity and international. There are departures to all parts in Serbia and many cities in Europe.

Another way to get to this beautiful city is by train. Novi Sad is connected to the Vienna and Budapest by the international lines and further towards the west and north which is southeast and south of Europe and near east.

You also have one other possibility to come to Novi Sad, and that is by ship. This town lies on Danube River, but for now, you can only come on tourist cruisers.

Belgrade_Nikola_Tesla_Airport image.png

Low Prices

You are in Novi Sad, the city of good fun, music and young people, but the only problem is that you are on a low budget. Don’t worry; you can see all of the beauty that this city has to offer without spending a lot of money.

When you are visiting this town, you cannot miss seeing its heart, the Liberty Square. It is an ideal spot to begin your tour of the city. All around it, you will notice amazing late 19th and 20th-century architecture that will leave you speechless. One of the most fantastic monuments Svetozar Miletic and the Name of Mary’s Church are facing each other in the center of the Square.

This is also the place where different manifestations are happening. This fantastic place starts with the Zmaj Jovina Street which is one of the oldest in Novi Sad and leads to many landmarks. You will just enjoy spending your time there, especially when you relax in one of the many fantastic cafes. And what is important you won’t have to spend more than 5 euros.

There are also many others charming places that Novi Sad has to offer. For example, you could visit Matica Srpska, one of the most significant galleries in this country. You will there see Serbian art from the eighteenth century to nowadays. The entry fee is less than one euro and for children less than 50 cents.

The Strand is Pannonian Sea’s seaside. The Danube’s beaches are a fantastic place to spend summer or a hot spring day with your family, friends, enjoying a good view, incredible food, drinks, and great music. Just relax and have some fun there, you will love it. And what is great is that you won’t have to spend a lot of money on any of it.


Novi Sad provides its visitors the agenda of great rich content with its rural surroundings and urban core. With the Balkan hospitality and the European tradition and history, it represents the experience you just cannot miss.

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