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Thousands of patients from Europe and America visit Serbia clinics for having dental treatments abroad such as crowns, veneers, tooth implant, etc. With affordable prices and high-quality medical services, this country is recognized as one of the best destinations for specialized and professional dental treatments. Serbia has well-educated dentists who have the latest equipment and materials, and are following all global trends. It became a popular dental tourism destination for citizens of Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and many other countries.

With a short flight to Belgrade from all over Europe and cheaper airlines, it is the perfect choice for you to take the best care of your smile. When you think about it, you can save up to thousands of euros for the same surgery you would have in America or Europe. If you want to know more about why choose Serbia for dental tourism, all you have to do is read on.

Why Dental Tourism In Serbia?

Organized groups or individuals travel to foreign countries in search of excellent and more affordable dental care service. The best part is that you can combine the enjoyable and the practical as you can use your stay in Serbia for relaxation and sightseeing tour. It is a fantastic destination where you can get high-quality medical treatments at low prices. Dentists are renowned outside this country also because of their practices during the studies and quality of their education. Only the ones that received a proper license, have specialized in a particular area, completed their student practice, and hold a degree from a faculty of dentistry can carry dental interventions.

They have more than plenty of knowledge in their specialized areas, so you don’t have to worry about it. Patients come to this country for a wide range of treatments such as dental bleaching, oral surgery, dental implants, etc. Dentists have broad general education, speak several world languages, and use only the latest equipment and materials.

Equipment that is used in the world’s most developed countries is also being used in clinics in Serbia. Some of them are CAD/CAM technology, designed on a computer and 3D technology. Thanks to it, the prosthetic units are constructed with excellent precision from aesthetic ceramic materials. The others are RTG machines with digital sensors, intraoral cameras to check the oral cavity in less visible areas, laser technology, and laser, etc.

So patients that come to Serbia will get top dentists who use the best equipment at a very affordable price. And not only that, but you will also be able to see this beautiful country and its amazing cities. As you may already hear, Serbia’s capital is unique. It has it all, rivers, lakes, parks, history, art, fantastic food and great music. You will absolutely love it! In terms of modern tourism, Serbia is relatively untouched. Many things that this country has to offer have gone mostly unnoticed.

It is full of extraordinary destinations such as the imposing Vratna Gates, the natural rock formations of the Đavola Varoš, the meandering waters of Uvac and many more. The thing that you will surely notice about Serbian people is their hospitality. They are very passionate and excitable, and will always make sure to leave a positive impression on the visitors. And while you are there, you can check out the glorious food the Serbs are making. You will be amazed by the spectacular meals they are preparing.

Advantages From Your Dental Trip in Serbia

1. A wide range of dental treatments

There are many dental procedures and service that dentists in Serbia will provide their clients that are all executed with remarkable finesse. The doctors have a proper license, are specialized in a specific area, and hold a degree from a faculty of dentistry. So they are well experienced and trained in all types of procedures. They are constantly investing in the best and latest equipment to make sure they are giving the right treatments to their clients.

2. The affordable price

When you compare prices in Serbia to the ones in European and American countries, you will see why this one is a better alternative. You can notice a significant difference in costs, so people prefer to have their dental treatment done in this country rather than theirs. Patients will save up to 70 percent of their medical bill.

3.  A beautiful country

Serbia is an ideal destination for any tourism. There are so many things you can do in this country and so many places you can visit. Whether you are into visiting historic buildings, museums, great restaurants, mountain climbing, river or lake retreats, Serbia is the perfect option for you. With the fantastic nightlife and delicious food that everyone is talking about, you will fall in love with this destination.

4. Great accommodation services

Depending on your preferences you can choose different hotels. When you write us an e-mail, please make sure to write down in what area of the city you want to stay, what facilities you want to have at your disposal, and in what type of hotel you are interested.  You will then get a list from which you can choose the best accommodation for you.

5. No language barriers

Serbian cosmetic surgeons and dentists are not only educated to suit strong requirements in their job, but they also speak several languages. So, it will be easy for you to communicate with your doctors and explain the problem you have.

6. Shopping

Visitors will surely find that Belgrade is a place where not only dental service is cheap, but everything else is. You may want to have other medical consultations or treatments, get your hair or nails done, or pack your suitcases with some new great clothes or things without spending too much money.

7. Return home with a happy smile

After your dental treatments, you will return home happier and healthier with the new smile. The dentists will provide you with a guarantee for their work, and take care of you after the surgery with a recommendation for regular check-ups.

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